Conferences and Meetings

Economic Meetings with Keidanren

The Chugoku Economic Federation holds an annual economic meeting with Keidanren (Japan Business Federation) in this region, at which information and opinions are exchanged regarding issues unique to the region, and the various concerns facing the industries and economy of Japan.

The meeting leads to a detailed understanding of the conditions present in the Tokyo metropolitan area, as well as providing the opportunity to communicate the conditions of the regional business community and the opinions to the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Western Japan Economic Council

Conferences and a general assembly of representatives from Western Japan Economic Council, including the Chugoku Economic Federation, are convened annually with the aim of achieving opinion and information exchange among business people from each region of western Japan. Such activity contributes to the development of western Japan from a wide-ranging perspective.

The general assembly selects resolutions and requests based on the deliberations in each region according to common themes, and subsequently makes direct requests and proposals to the national government, related ministers and other political leaders in Tokyo.