Primary Activities

Committee Activities

Chugoku Economic Federation committees solicit the opinions of experts from government, industry, and academia concerning issues related to economic and social development of the Chugoku region, and matters of national importance.

These committees also conduct research studies on each issue by region, releasing their findings to the public, along with utilizing this information for the formulation of policy proposals and requests.

Policy Proposals/Requests

Through its committees and networking events, Chugoku Economic Federation deliberates various important issues related to regional development. In order to achieve resolution of these issues, Chugoku Economic Federation submits policy proposals and requests to the national government , ministries, local governments and various other related organizations.

Support Activities

In collaboration with various Chugoku Region government organizations and universities, Chugoku Economic Federation promotes the region’s economy, industries, and technologies, as well as engaging in support activities that benefit and stimulate local industry.

Networking Events / Meetings

To gain a better understanding of the economic situation in the Chugoku Region, Central Japan, and other regions in Japan, Chugoku Economic Federation holds meetings and networking events with numerous economic organizations and business groups throughout Japan. These activities lead to a deeper understanding of the economic conditions facing the Chugoku Region.