DaikyoNishikawa Corporation

/ Plastic Products

Hiroshima Prefecture

~Top Manufacturer of Plastic Oil Strainers for Automobiles~

Established in 2007

Corporate Strengths

We develop and propose products that contribute to reducing the weight of automobiles, by replacing metal with plastic. We propose and supply a wide variety of products, from large parts to small components, to automobile manufacturers. These include exterior parts such as bumpers, interior parts such as instrument panels, and engine components.

Unique, Best-Selling Products and Services

■ Plastic oil strainers for automobiles (Domestic share: 29.7%, Global share: 10%)

Oil strainers perform important functions, such as distributing lubrication oil throughout the inside of the engine and filtering impurities. Since we are constantly exposed to high temperature, vibration, and lubrication oil, these parts have always been made of metal in the past. However, by replacing metal with plastics that meet the required conditions and can also be more easily formed into the required shapes, we have contributed to improving lubrication performance and reducing the size and weight of engines. Since our parts were first adopted in mass-produced cars in 1996, we now do business with all Japanese manufacturers of passenger cars. We manufacture 12 million plastic oil strainers annually throughout our global bases.

Appeal to New Graduates/Mid-Career Recruits

We respect the autonomy of employees, and provide an environment in which young employees can be involved in work that we will find rewarding. We are looking for people who will work hard while actively exchanging opinions with people in other departments, who will continue to grow together with the company in the future based on an increasing level of technological skills, and who have the passion and will to create a company that is admired throughout the world.

  • Plastic oil strainers for automobiles


Company profile

Address 5-1, Jike-sangyodanchi, Higashihiroshima-shi, Hiroshima
TEL (082)493-5600
URL https://www.daikyonishikawa.co.jp/en/
Capital ¥5.426 billion
Number of employees 5,461
Sales ¥145,744 billion
Main overseas locations US,Mexico, China, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia
Hiring foreigners 39 foreigners hired in the past,willing to hire more

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