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    • ManufacturingPlastic Products
    • Hiroshima Prefecture
    • ChinaSouth KoreaIndonesiaThailandUSMexico

    DaikyoNishikawa Corporation

    We develop and propose products that contribute to reducing the weight of automobiles, by replacing metal with plasti…

    • ManufacturingPlastic Products
    • Hiroshima Prefecture
    • US

    RENIAS Co., Ltd.

    We manufacture plastic glass made of polycarbonate resin. Our products are used in a variety of ways, such as for aut…

    • ManufacturingRubber Products
    • Hiroshima Prefecture
    • ChinaIndonesiaThailandIndiaUSMexicoUKSouth Africa

    Nishikawa Rubber Co., Ltd.

    Nishikawa Rubber's outstanding sealing and forming engineering have achieved top share in the industry. Our technolog…

    • ManufacturingMetal Products
    • Hiroshima Prefecture
    • PhilippinesThailandUSColumbia

    Castem Co., Ltd.

    We have grown into a global company operating in Japan and Southeast Asian countries with a core business of precisio…

    • ManufacturingElectronic and Electrical Equipment
    • Hiroshima Prefecture
    • TaiwanChinaSouth KoreaVietnamUSUK

    ADTEC Plasma Technology Co., Ltd.

    We utilize unique design technology, process technology, and production technology to manufacture compact RF plasma g…

    • ManufacturingElectronic and Electrical Equipment
    • Hiroshima Prefecture
    • ChinaIndiaMalaysiaSingaporeUS

    SHINKAWA Sensor Technology, Inc.

    SHINKAWA Sensor Technology, based in Higashihiroshima, develops proprietary sensors that detect vibration. We contrib…

    • ManufacturingElectronic and Electrical Equipment
    • Tottori Prefecture
    • Hong KongChinaPhilippinesUSUK


    We use the development of ferroelectric ceramics and ferrite materials as a starting point for the integration of sem…

    • ManufacturingTransportation Equipment
    • Okayama Prefecture
    • IndonesiaThailandMalaysiaUSMexico

    Katayama Kogyo Co., Ltd.

    Since establishment, Katayama Kogyo has manufactured and developed a variety of automotive parts and recently applied…

    • ManufacturingTransportation Equipment
    • Hiroshima Prefecture
    • ChinaSouth KoreaThailandIndiaUSMexicoGermany

    Hirotec Corporation

    Hirotec mass produces automotive parts (doors and exhaust system parts), and manufactures the production facilities r…

    • ManufacturingOther Equipment
    • Hiroshima Prefecture
    • ChinaUSMexico

    Kitagawa Corporation

    We are expanding into a wide range of businesses, including the manufacturing and sales of cast parts for automobiles…

    • ManufacturingOther Equipment
    • Hiroshima Prefecture
    • ChinaIndonesiaThailandMyanmarIndiaUSBrazilAustraliaUK

    Satake Corporation

    We manufacture and sell food products and processing equipment related to food products, with a primary focus on rice…

    • ManufacturingOther Equipment
    • Hiroshima Prefecture
    • TaiwanChinaSouth KoreaThailandUS

    Shigiya Machinery Works Ltd.

    Shigiya Machinery Works, originally established as a weaving loom manufacturer, later switched to specializing in the…

    • ManufacturingOther Equipment
    • Hiroshima Prefecture
    • South KoreaThailandUS

    Horkos Corp

    We use our accumulated technical skills, and respond to the needs of the times, to develop and manufacture machine to…

    • ManufacturingOther Equipment
    • Hiroshima Prefecture
    • TaiwanChinaVietnamUSBelgium

    Yamabiko Corporation (Hiroshima Plant)…

    Our Outdoor Power Equipment is used in more than 90 countries and is ranked first in Japanese market share and third …

    • ManufacturingFood and Beverages
    • Hiroshima Prefecture
    • TaiwanChinaMalaysiaUS

    Otafuku Sauce Co., Ltd.

    We, established in 1922 as a wholesaler and retailer of sake and soy sauce, started the production of sauces in 1950.…

    • ManufacturingFood and Beverages
    • Hiroshima Prefecture
    • ChinaThailandUS

    Mishima Foods Co., Ltd.

    We own a registered trademark for "Yukari®", the number one brand market shareholder in the red shiso dried seasoning…

    • ManufacturingTextiles
    • Yamaguchi Prefecture
    • ChinaUSEurope

    Sunline Co., Ltd.

    Sunline manufactures, processes, and sells fishing lines for leisure and fisheries, and monofilaments for industrial …

    • ManufacturingOther Manufacturing
    • Hiroshima Prefecture
    • SingaporeUS

    Hakuhodo Company, Limited

    Hakuhodo utilized the traditional techniques for manufacturing calligraphy brushes and paint brushes to develop makeu…

    • Other Industries
    • Hiroshima Prefecture
    • PhilippinesMalaysiaUSMexico

    MenTecWorld Co., Ltd.

    While our primary business is focused on the maintenance of automotive production lines and other similar services, w…