SHINKAWA Sensor Technology, Inc.

 Electronic and Electrical Equipment

Hiroshima Prefecture

~Managing Plant Facilities Through Total Support Services~

Established in 1994

Corporate Strengths

SHINKAWA Sensor Technology, based in Higashihiroshima, develops proprietary sensors that detect vibration. We contribute to the maintenance of essential utilities, such as electric, gas, and water, and social infrastructure such as railways, as well as other fields such as the development of the Japanese space program.

Unique, Best-Selling Products and Services

■ Total support including personnel training and diagnostic services

We provide monitoring and diagnostic services for rotating machinery, in order to prevent issues at plant facilities and to ensure that equipment operates safely and efficiently with a long service life. We install and regularly measure sensors for our customers, and provide a range of high-quality services that are only possible through the combined efforts of the specialists in the SHINKAWA Group. These services include the early detection of abnormalities and failures, the management of trends and understanding current conditions, and the analysis/diagnosis of vibrations that are directly related to the efficient management and maintenance of facilities, all from a remote location.

Appeal to New Graduates/Mid-Career Recruits

For the past five years, all new employees at our company have remained with us for over three years. We offer a large number of days off (126 days in FY2018, including five company-specified paid vacation days) and employees use their paid vacation days at a high rate (69.8% in FY2017), thus maintaining a comfortable working environment.

  • Hiroshima office(Higashihiroshima City)


  • Monitoring and diagnostic services for rotating machinery at plant facilities

Company profile

Address 4-22, Yoshikawakogyodanchi, Higashihiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture 
TEL (082)429-1118
Capital ¥50 million
Number of employees 133
Sales ¥2.250 billion
主な海外進出先 US, Singapore, Malaysia, India, China
Hiring foreigners None hired in the past, willing to hire

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