RENIAS Co., Ltd.

 Plastic Products

Hiroshima Prefecture

~Top Share of Resin Glass Products Using Unique Technology~

Established in 1976

Corporate Strengths

We manufacture plastic glass made of polycarbonate resin. Our products are used in a variety of ways, such as for automobiles, buses, railway cars, and construction machinery. Our technical abilities and performance of the products has gained high reputation, as we fulfill orders from around the world.

Unique, Best-Selling Products and Services

■ Polycarbonate resin windows and window frames (No1 in Japanese Market)

The keyword for the products manufactured by RENIAS is “light”. The power of light enhances the performance of resin glass dramatically. Our plastic windows, manufactured using our unique technology and named as “RENCRAFT®” cannot be made by other competitor and has the largest share in Japan’s resin glass industry and the exports of the products has been expanding.

Appeal to New Graduates/Mid-Career Recruits

Over 40 years, ever since its establishment, RENIAS has been and will continue evolving as “One and only, Awesome Company”. As we continue to pursue new challenges by accurately recognizing changes in the business environment, we will recruit new people to help us create a company like no other anywhere else in the world.

  • Polycarbonate resin windows in the rear of a bus

  • Passenger car with polycarbonate resin windows

Company profile

Address 200-76, Obara, Nutanishi-cho, Mihara City, Hiroshima Prefecture
TEL (0848)86-1137
Capital ¥70 million
Number of employees 120
Sales ¥4.670 billion
Main overseas locations US
Hiring foreigners 10 foreigners hired in the past, willing to hire more

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