Sunline Co., Ltd.


Yamaguchi Prefecture

~Water-Repellent Nylon Fiber Fishing Line with No. 1 Durability~

Established in 1977

Corporate Strengths

Sunline manufactures, processes, and sells fishing lines for leisure and fisheries, and monofilaments for industrial material. We provide fiber diameters of 0.05 mm to 3.5 mm, and their main spinning materials are nylon, polyvinylidene fluoride, and polyester. For processing, we introduced the industry’s first atmospheric pressure plasma treatment, and are expected to expand into high-performance fibers such as carbon fiber and aramid fiber.

Unique, Best-Selling Products and Services

■ “Black Stream Mark X” fishing line

Since nylon fiber is soft, and has excellent abrasion resistance and sufficient strength, it is used widely for fishing line. Until now, water repellents have been used to prevent degradation and repel water. However, since such repellents peel off after several hours of use, there has been a search for highly durable, water-repellent nylon fiber. Since the plasma process that was developed for this purpose uses multiple gases, a gas that is optimal for the material and characteristics of a particular line can be selected. This makes it possible to modify the surface of the fiber without impairing its inherent physical properties, and thus durable water repellency that does not peel off like conventional coatings is achieved.

Appeal to New Graduates/Mid-Career Recruits

We provide the world’s best fishing line to fishers all around the world from our small factory in Yamaguchi Prefecture, based on the motto “even a small company can be No. 1 in the world”. We developed and apply an atmospheric pressure multi-gas plasma treatment, and are pursuing further research with a view toward expansion into cutting-edge fields such as aircraft and automobiles.

  • Headquarters plant


  • “Black Stream Mark X” fishing line

Company profile

Address 1600-21, Kugamachi, Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture  
TEL (0827)82-6761
Capital ¥96 million
Number of employees 157
Sales ¥3,412 billion
Main overseas locations US, China, Europe
Hiring foreigners 2 foreigners hired in the past, willing to hire more

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