MBS, Inc.


Yamaguchi Prefecture

~Unique Coatings for Repairs within a Small Area ~

Established in 1997

Corporate Strengths

MBS is a rare publicly listed company in the interior/exterior remodeling industry, which contributes to the peace of mind and trust felt by our customers. It can be said that our strength lies in the application of technology that is used for infrastructure, such as roads and tunnels, to private construction projects.

Unique, Best-Selling Products and Services

■ Skeleton disaster prevention coating

Since conventional concrete repairing methods use color to completely cover and hide surfaces, if structural damage occurred it was impossible to specify the extent of the damage without removing a significant area of the surface protection. For “skeleton disaster prevention coating”, the extremely strong “glass fiber sheet” is impregnated with a “transparent special coating” base material, to achieve transparency that allows visual confirmation of cracks and deformation of the surface of frames. Since impregnation with this coating allows visual confirmation of frame surfaces after construction is complete, the locations where deformation occurs can be pinpointed to allow repairs within a small area.

Appeal to New Graduates/Mid-Career Recruits

Our company, where the average age of employees is 32, has continually focused on “personality” when hiring. This has resulted in a corporate culture with many friendly people and few interpersonal issues, and a work environment in which the corporate culture is directly derived from the personality of the employees.

  • Headquarters


  • Oshima Ohashi Bridge after repair work (for disaster prevention)

Company profile

Addres 1173-162, Nishikiwa, Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture 
TEL (0836)54-1414
URL https://www.homemakeup.co.jp
Capital ¥391 million
Number of employees 110
Sales ¥4.030 billion
Main overseas locations none
Hiring foreigners 1 foreigner hired in the past, willing to hire more

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