Kitagawa Seiki Co., Ltd.

 Other Equipment

Hiroshima Prefecture

~Top Market Share for Equipment Used in the Manufacture of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Material for Smartphones~

Established in 1957

Corporate Strengths

We use our unique technology of applying uniform heat and pressure in a vacuum, and our technical skills and experience in responding flexibly to the needs of individual manufacturers, to design and manufacture unique, high-quality production equipment.

Unique, Best-Selling Products and Services

■ Press machines for manufacturing PCB material (copper-clad laminate)(Domestic share: 70%, Global share: 70%)

Achieving a high level of temperature, pressure, and vacuum control, these products are indispensable for manufacturing the PCBs found in all electronic devices. We have received high praise from major PCB, semi-conductor, and electronic parts manufacturers all over the world, for high-performance PCBs in particular. Most of the PCBs used in smartphones and tablets use materials that were manufactured with these machines.

Appeal to New Graduates/Mid-Career Recruits

Most of our products are made to order, and almost none is same. We offer great opportunities in sales, design and manufacturing for people who are interested in machinery and want to face challenges in making original products.

  • Headquarters


  • Top global share of multi-stage vacuum press machines for manufacturing copper-clad laminate (PCB material)

Company profile

Address 800-8, Ukai-cho, Fuchu City, Hiroshima Prefecture
TEL (0847)40-1200
Capital ¥300 billion
Number of employees 146
Sales ¥4.854 billion
Main overseas locations China
Hiring foreigners 2 foreigner hired in the past, willing to hire more

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