Marine Products Kimuraya Co., Ltd.

 Food and Beverages

Tottori Prefecture

~Leading Company of Processed Mozuku Seafoods and Fucoidan Supplements~

Established in 1972

Corporate Strengths

Marine Products Kimuraya manufactures processed foods made from marine products, such as mozuku, and sells them to co-ops and supermarkets throughout Japan. In addition, we extract and purify fucoidan, a component of seaweed, at our own factory. With the motto “aspiring to manufacture consumer-friendly foods”, we perform thorough quality control and carefully manage sanitary conditions in order to ensure the best raw materials and tastes.

Unique, Best-Selling Products and Services

■ Processed food products made from Okinawan mozuku

We use mozuku from Okinawa to manufacture processed foods packed for individual use omitting unnecessary additives. We work closely with mozuku farmers in order to ensure the quality of raw materials while developing new tastes, while also continuing to provide the tastes that customers have loved for many years. We have set up a development laboratory in our company, where we work on improving processed foods made from Okinawan mozuku and testmanufacturing to develop new products. We apply strict quality control and microbial control for our products with performing careful hygiene maintenance in our factory.

Appeal to New Graduates/Mid-Career Recruits

We offer a system with a variety of insurance and welfare benefits, and provide a good working environment to our employees. Further, we were certified as a “Company Promoting Gender Equality” by Tottori prefecture in 2016 and actively elevate female employees to management positions.

  • Headquarters


  • Various products (processed foods made from Okinawan mozuku, etc.)

Company profile

Address 3307, Watari-cho, Sakaiminato City, Tottori Prefecture 
TEL (0859)45-6555
Capital ¥32 million
Number of employees 110
Main overseas locations none
Hiring foreigners None hired in the past, willing to hire

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